Windows Remote Desktop licence

If you ever find that you need to use a remote desktop session, maybe for work or even to access a computer in another part of the house there is a possibility that you will get an error similar to this:

Unfortunately there is no quick fix for this error, but luckily it doesn’t happen that often. However, if it does happen to you and you are reading this, you should be able to fix it.
You do need to edit the registry or you can download a .reg file that I will add here later.
To edit the registry you need to run regedit.exe. to do this press Win + R on your keyboard
(Win = Windows key) and in the box that appears type regedit.exe.
Once you are in the registry you need to find the following folder in the registry:


You need to delete the folder called LICENSE000. It might be advisable to make a backup of this section of the registry first. To do this right click on the folder called LICENCE000 and select Export, give the file a name and save it. Once this is done right click again and select Delete. This will delete the entry from the registry.
The next time you run the Remote Desktop Client software, you should be able to continue as if nothing had happened.

The above information will work, however I have found that some users need to run the reg file or delete the LICENSE000 folder from the registry after every use. I have found a more permanent fix, hense the update.
You still need to delete part of the registry, but you need to delete the following:


It is the MSLicensing folder that requires deleting. As stated above, please backup this part of the registry before deleting the folder.
Do not run the RDP software yet though. You need to right click on the shortcut for your RDP session and select ‘Run as Administrator’ This should allow you to carry on as before.
I have updated the .reg file to remove the correct location.

Here is a link to the .reg file: licence Remover Licence Remover 2 Extract the downloaded zip file and run the Licence.reg file. We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your computer if you run this file, although we can advise on how to rectify any damage.
Always backup your registry before running any .reg files or create a restore point.