Windows 10 StartMenu customization.

What a complete pain in the butt 😀

Why have Microsoft made it so difficult to customise the start menu in Windows 10? Are they wanting us to learn powershell? Want us to go bald as we pull our hair out in an effort to make the start menu a little bit more friendly?

I have been playing about with this for a couple of days. It’s probably easier on a stand alone computer, but I need to get this done via group policies, so that it applies to multiple users. I am getting it done with some help from Google.

It takes a while to sort out and to get your head around. Will have to write some scripts to deal with some of it. It was much easier in Windows 7. Come on Microsoft, help out the Network Managers and administrators.

The tile layout is obviously key and you want it to look right for you or your users. I would try to keep the number of tiles pinned to a maximum of 15 to 20. That should be more than enough. Once you have them layed out the way you want, you need to export the layout. I have found that this doesn’t always go the way you want. You may need to manually edit the resulting xml file. Once you get you head around the xml file, you should be able to manipulate the menu to how you want it to look.