Sunday: Why am I working?

Yes, it is Sunday and I have done some work. Not very much I must admit, but I should have left it until tomorrow.
I just wanted to try out the commands when I telnet in to certain switches at my main employment location. I used Putty to do the telnet and issue the commands. This might sound a bit old school, but with some network switches it is necessary to use telnet. The stupid thing is I can use the web interface to upgrade the firmware on the switches, but when it comes to booting from that new firmware I have to telnet in to the switch and use the command: ‘boot system flash secondary‘ to boot from the secondary firmware image. The switches we purchased at the same time, that are a cheaper switch have the ability to change the firmware on the web interface. What are HP on? They don’t even make it easy to find the commands. Small rant over 🙂

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