These are some of the services that Kestrel Computer Services are able to carry out. If you require anything different, please let us know and we can let you know if we are able to help.

Operating Systems.

Is your computer running slow? Do you want to move to the latest version of Windows or simply upgrade to a newer version? If so Kestrel Computer Services can take the hassle away by doing this for you. We offer a full & comprehensive installation of any operating system, be it Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX or Linux. Please use the contact form to enquire and find out what this would entail.

Repairs and Upgrades

Kestrel Computer Services are able to diagnose & repair (where possible) most computer systems. If we are unable to repair your computer we do not normally charge.
We specialise in all types of computers and laptops.
We can install the right type of RAM to your system, upgrade your hard drive (normally requires a re-installation), fit a new Blu-Ray player etc. We know how easy it is to damage a laptop, so if your screen is no longer working or has a crack in it, please ask and we can give you a free quote to replace the screen. Laptop keyboards and touch-pads often become sticky or temperamental, we are able to replace these parts too. If you are unsure what is wrong, please let us diagnose the issue.  We can purchase all accessories and spare parts at a reasonable cost from reliable companies. If you prefer to obtain the parts yourself, we are happy to fit them for you or advise you on what may be best for you.


Have you ever wanted to try another operating system, but not wanted to re-install your system, just to find that you do not like what you have installed?
We strongly recommend using Virtual Machines.
We can help you to achieve this goal. We specialise in installing and configuring most operating systems to run within a virtual environment on your current computer without the need to remove your existing operating system.

Custom built systems

If you have a need to have a system built specifically to your needs, we are able to help you decide what would be best to fit your requirements. We are able to build computer systems to the requirements that best fits your usage. All systems are assembled with the best quality components by one of our trained operatives.
We are happy to discuss your needs and give you a quote for free.

New System

If you have purchased a new or second hand computer system, we are able to set-up the computer, connect to the internet (as long as the appropriate equipment is available) set-up your printer, email system etc.
Please use the Contact form for further information.

Servers and Networking

Kestrel Computer Services are able to set-up a server system for your company, configure your network and make recommendations on how to improve your current system.
Wireless networks can also be installed and configured by us. For further information please Contact us.