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Windows 10 StartMenu customization.

What a complete pain in the butt 😀

Why have Microsoft made it so difficult to customise the start menu in Windows 10? Are they wanting us to learn powershell? Want us to go bald as we pull our hair out in an effort to make the start menu a little bit more friendly?

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Monday: Too hot to work

Have you been boiling in this heat like me?

I find it too hot to do anything. I don’t feel like working, but I have to keep going. I am glad I have air conditioning in my office, it would be horrendous if I didn’t. Don’t kid yourself, it’s not there for me or anyone else, it is for the servers that would overheat and die. I am glad I share the same space although the server rack and network switch cabinet make a lot of noise. The servers should be in a separate room, away from me and my assistant, but I can never see that happening.

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New Blog posts

This will be were I vent or comment on things that I may have read, heard or even experienced. I may make a sub domain for the Blog if it goes well and I get a chance to add to it on a regular basis. These may not even be IT related, so bear with me 🙂
These will be my own personal thoughts and are no reflection on the KCS Dorset company name.